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Day 5 of 40 Days of Worship - MybodyMyworship Prayer Challenge Newsletter
February 21, 2021
Dear Christian Sisters & Brothers,

It's Day 5 of 40 Days of Worship to End Abortion!

There's more than one posture of praise - from falling prostrate to dancing like no one's watching! Let us sing to the Lord from whatever posture we choose.

Today's Bible Lesson

If you do not yet know how the book got it's title, Worship to End Abortion: Your Prayer Guide , go read the Bible story and lesson now!


Sing with confidence! Surrounded (Fight My Battles) Michael W Smith


2 Chronicles 20:18-22, 26-30


I bow my head with my face to the ground before You in worship. I stand and praise You with my voice loud and high! I believe in You, so I can stand firm. I sing to You, praising the beauty of holiness! I praise You for Your mercy endures forever!

Thank You, Lord for setting ambushes against evil, for defeating abortion. Thank You that our enemies wreck one other. When this battle is won, we will assemble and bless You, Lord, with joy with stringed instruments, harps, and trumpets. We trust that reverence for You will increase in all the nations when they hear that You fought against our enemies. We thank You for the rest that is to come when this battle is won.


Prayer for 40 Days for Life

Holy Spirit,

Prompt the 40 Days for Life prayer warriors to be worship warriors, praising the Lord in song. As they sing and make music, please set ambushes against the evil one, defeating abortion at the very facilities where they sing for joy. Remind them to stand firm in Your name. Deliver them from evil. Thank You for giving them rest.



Ask a pro-life Christian friend to stand with you in the spiritual battle of abortion.

In Christ,

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