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Day 8 of 40 Days of Worship - MybodyMyworship Prayer Challenge Newsletter
February 24, 2021
Dear Christian Sisters & Brothers,

It's Day 8 of 40 Days of Worship to End Abortion!

This week we're washing ourselves clean so that we're righteous, not self-righteous because the prayers of the righteous are effective!

Today's Bible Lesson

In the Online Experience, the lesson for this week is a 21-minute listen. It's titled "Adjust Your Breastplate of Righteousness."

What does that mean? It means getting right with God--not just our salvation but our unconfessed sins. Most of us Protestants do not spend enough time renewing our minds so that we agree with God's ways.

Kudos to my Catholic friends and all those who make confession a regular part of your lives. Take this week to pray for those in your home, your family, your community, and your church to get right with God.

Given that we're praying over abortion, we must get right with God about sex, which is the very thing that results in crisis pregnancies.

When we're washed clean of our sins, that breastplate of righteousness slides into place and protects our vital organs.

Go listen to the lesson now!

MybodyMyworship Online Collection


Revival begins with us! Let us sing!

Come Ye Sinners


James 4:7-10, 2 Chronicles 7:14


I agree to do things Your way. I choose to humble myself, to turn from the world’s ways, and to seek Your face, not just what I want You to give me.

I resist the devil so that he will flee from me. I choose to draw near to You through worship, prayer, and Bible study, and I trust that You will draw near to me. I cleanse my hands and purify my heart. I grieve, mourn, and weep over my sins. I humble myself in Your sight, trusting that You will lift me up.


Prayer for 40 Days for Life


Thank You for the sidewalk counselors who choose to humble themselves and to seek Your face. Thank You for drawing near to them and lifting them up.


(Suggested: Pray Day 1 Armor of God.)

In Christ,

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