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Responding to Executive Orders -- MybodyMyworship Prayer Challenge newsletter
February 06, 2021
Dear Christian Sisters & Brothers,

As we mourn over recent pro-abortion executive orders, let us rejoice in the love, light, and life of our triune God!

Some pro-lifers have responded to the news with anger, "yelling" via social media posts. Some have responded in defeat, seeing this as another sign of the end times. Some have responded with a renewed passion for life, desiring to do more to defeat abortion.

If you're angry, I pray you're ready to flip the tables of those Christians profiting from abortion.

If you're defeated, I pray you're ready to attract more people to Jesus right now so that we spark revival first.

If you're passionate, I pray you're ready to invite others to stand firm with you against the schemes of the devil.

Want things to change in the government of the people, by the people, for the people?

Then invite the people to join us as we worship Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for the end of abortion.

The end begins with us.


Invite your Christian friends to take the Pro-Life Challenge before the next 40 Days of Worship to End Abortion (Feb 17-Mar 28). In those 40 days, we will:

• pray together

• learn together

• share together

• worship together

Forward this email to your pro-life Christian friends so that they, too, can join the Pro-Life Challenge .

When they join the challenge, they'll receive "Remember the Man Caught in Adultery," a chapter from Worship to End Abortion: Your Prayer Guide


Whenever I feel tested, I sing "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow." Here's a contemporary version: Doxology//Amen by Phil Wickham


Here is a sample prayer. If you prefer to start your prayers differently or end your prayers differently, do it!


We praise You for sending The Light into the world to bring us out of darkness. Because of Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf, we are empowered to be the light of the world, attracting others out of the darkness. We praise You for equipping us to change the world for Your glory.


Coming Up!

During the 40 Days of Worship to End Abortion, I'll interview people with abortion stories, including Jennifer Milbourne, an abortion survivor.

Stay tuned for how you can watch the interview live!

May your light shine brightly in this dark world.

In Christ,

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