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Roe v Wade 48th Anniversary -- MybodyMyworship Prayer Challenge newsletter
January 22, 2021
Dear Christian Sisters & Brothers,

Today, January 22, 2021, is the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton, the two Supreme Court cases that effectively legalized elective abortion in all 50 of the United States.

Before 1973, abortion was legal in New York, Hawaii, Alaska, the state of Washington, and the District of Columbia. They chose legalized abortion through their legislators.

The other 46 states had legalized abortion forced upon them by the courts, not their elected representatives.

Everyone 66 Years & Younger

Everyone in the U.S. age 66 and younger has known legalized elective abortion their entire adult lives.

Let that sink in.

Sanctity of Human Life Day

Abortion does not just kill pre-born lives but also drains the vitality of those who suffer the loss of their children -- whether they realize it or not.

It's a tragedy that we have lost over 50 million human lives to abortion, but it is also a tragedy to have lost as many God-given destinies of the women and men who chose the death of their children.

So today, we mourn the loss of children, women, and men to the lies of the enemy, the prince of this world.

I was one of those women.

Here is my freedom song: YouTube Glorious Day-Kristian Stanfill/Passion

In Washington, D.C. This Morning

All week, I've felt a God-nudge to go into Washington, D.C. to declare independence from the spiritual government of darkness. I know that sounds weird to some people, but every day this week I felt a nudge to follow the example of the Declaration of Independence and declare our independence from the tyranny of the prince of this world.

Because the fences prevented me from getting to my preferred prayer spot (which is Jefferson Pier, the marker at the center of the original diamond-shaped District of Columbia) nor my second choice (the Supreme Court), I went instead to the Jefferson Memorial and prayed for our independence from darkness, from unfair taxes that pay for abortions, and from the lie that abortion is.

Pray with me.


Here is a sample prayer. If you prefer to start your prayers differently or end your prayers differently, do it!

Father, You are the Creator of life! We praise You for our lives and the lives of our children.

Today, we mourn the 50+ million lives lost and as many lives drained of their vitality because of the legalization of elective abortion in the U.S. Forgive our country as we forgive those who chose death.

Give us this day the Bread of Life as we stand firm against the prince of this world, declaring our independence of his tyranny and lies.

As people who stand in Truth, we choose freedom from abortion. First, we call on heaven to overturn Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton. Then we call for the end of pro-abortion laws in all the states and the District of Columbia. Finally, we call for the end of abortion-mindedness around the world, regardless of laws.

Deliver us from the evil of abortion. Make abortion unthinkable on earth as it is in heaven.

Today, we choose to be the light of the world, Your children who shine the light on the Truth spoken in agape love.



On whichever social media you use, tell women and men that healing from past abortions is available. You could post something like this:

If you have experienced the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion, know that healing is available. PM me, and I'll help you find a healing program.

When they PM you, help them find the Pregnancy Resource Center near them. You can search for Centers in the U.S. here: Care Net Directory And Centers around the world here: Heartbeat Int'l Directory

May the Holy Spirit both comfort you and give you utterance when you speak the truth in love.

In Christ,

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