Abortion Clinic

Abortion Clinic Cleanliness

Before considering abortion, check the abortion clinic cleanliness according to inspection reports filed by the health departments. You deserve a clean, safe environment.

Check My Clinic in the USA

Why be concerned? Because Dr. Gosnell owned a disgustingly gross abortion clinic for years and was only jailed because of his misuse of pharma drugs.

If legal abortion clinic(s) are supposed to provide safe abortions, why are not all clinics top-rated for cleanliness?

Abortion Clinic Experience

Before having an abortion, you should see what it's like. You'll see a vacuum-aspiration abortion and what happens with the abortion pill in the "UnPlanned" movie.

I saw the movie "UnPregnant," and two things in particular they got wrong:

  • While at the fair, the main character cheerfully talks to the toddler in the stroller, but women considering abortion do not enjoy interacting with babies and toddlers.

    That's also true for after the abortion.

  • After her abortion, the main character walks normally. Vacuum-aspiration abortion is much more involved than an annual pap smear. I'm telling you from experience that she wouldn't walk normally for at least the rest of the day.

Ask Post-Abortive Women

You can explain your situation to other post-abortive women to ask for their suggestions. You'd be surprised how many women have had situations similar to yours.

Abortion Pill

Instead of going to an abortion clinic, some women take the abortion pills. If you take the first abortion pill then change your mind, call 855-209-4848 to get the abortion pill reversal.

You may be surprised by how traumatized women are after having an abortion by the pill at home. You will see your aborted baby.

Post-Abortion Healing

If you go through with the abortion, find an abortion healing program.

Women who have abortions either stuff their feelings and say they're fine.


They soon realize that they regret their choice.

Whether you had an abortion yesterday or 40 years ago, abortion healing is available for you. Don't wait. You're worth healing.

Most Pregnancy Resource Centers offer post-abortion healing programs:

Consider these retreats:

Programs led by my post-abortive friends:

Books you can order:

More resources:

If abortion is no big deal, why are there so many post-abortion healing programs?

"No one told me it would be like this."
~a post-abortive woman

"I'm tired of  being told my feelings don't count."
~a post-abortive woman

Pro-Women Alternatives to Abortion

Pro-Women's Healthcare Centers (PWHC)

The Pro-Women's Healthcare Center (PWHC) Certification is a new standard in high-quality ob/gyn care. Several clinics in different states are currently certified, and more are in the certification process.

PWHCs will help you through your pregnancy. Most help regardless of your ability to pay.

Search for a PWHC near you.

Non-Profit Pregnancy Resource Centers

Resource centers provide pregnancy testing, referrals, and resources. Many also offer STI testing and ultrasounds.

Government OB/GYN Clinics

Federally Qualified Health Centers provide pregnancy and STI testing.