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Abortion Clinic & OB/GYN Clinic Information

Pregnant and don't know what to do? Read the cleanliness and safety reports from state health departments on your local abortion facility and contact a pro-life ob/gyn or pregnancy resource center.

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Abortion Facility Inspection Reports

Check the health standards of abortion clinics from public records. Find inspection reports for abortion clinics in all 50 states at the Check My Clinic website.

Pro-Life OB/GYN Clinics

Pro-Women's Healthcare Center (PWHC) Certification is a new standard in high-quality ob/gyn care. Several clinics in different states are currently certified, and more are in the certification process. Find a PWHC certified clinic.

Pregnancy Resource Centers

For help with difficult pregnancy situations, find a pregnancy center near you. In the United States, search Care Net. Internationally, search Heartbeat International.

If you live in the Bahamas, visit my friends at the Bahamas God Parent Center.

Many pregnancy centers offer post-abortion healing classes. Some centers offer sex education.

Post-Abortion Healing

"No one told me it would be like this."
~a post-abortive woman

"I'm tired of  being told my feelings don't count."
~a post-abortive woman

Women who have abortions either stuff their feelings and say they're fine.


They soon realize that they regret their choice.

Whether you had an abortion yesterday or 40 years ago, abortion healing is available for you. Don't wait. You're worth healing.

Most pregnancy resource centers offer post-abortion healing. Find a resource center near you.

U.S. Directory

Care Net 

International Directory

Heartbeat International 

or consider these resources for women

or these resources for men