Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Authoring Short Stories

If you're a Christian high schooler or middle schooler who wants to write stories that readers enjoy, this self-paced course is for you! Award-winning author & homeschooling mom Cheryl Krichbaum guides you through your writing process.

This course is similar to the Challenge B Short Story course but for non-Classical Conversations students.

Music Appreciation—Renaissance through Modern

The Music Appreciation course guides parent-teachers to music beyond European classical music.

Outlining Science Textbooks

Free course.

How to outline a chapter of a science textbook with Mrs. Cathy Cordova, who is literally a rocket scientist! Learn the critical study skill of outlining. One-video class with downloadable resources.

For demonstration purposes, Mrs. Cordova uses the Apologia Biology textbook.

To enroll, go to MybodyMyworship Courses: Outlining Science Textbooks.

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