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Cheryl Krichbaum's
Speaking Events

Coming Up!

February 17-March 28, 2021
"Worship to End Abortion: 40 Days of Prayer"
Facebook Live in the MybodyMyworship GroupAnswering the group questions is required before joining the group. Alternatively, join the MeWe Group.

We'll pray together using my book Worship to End Abortion: Your Prayer Guide, which is available anywhere books are sold.

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Past Speaking Events

2020, November 15
virtual: Homeschooling Curriculum Conference
"The Missing Sex Ed Lessons"

2020, November 13
Ohio: Private event
"Spiritual Effects of Abortion"
Some women shout their abortions. Some shout their abortion regrets. Some stay silent, hiding themselves and their feelings. Why the varying responses? And what about the men who advocated for abortion or shrugged their shoulders and said, “Do whatever you want”? When Cheryl began the healing process 14 years after her abortion, she realized that she had been walking through life dead, but she knew she hadn’t been depressed in a diagnosable way. When she asked God what happened to her spiritually, He led her to a well-known bible story and two associated Psalms. Let’s examine the story with new ears to learn the spiritual significance of ordering the death of pre-born babies.

2020, September 23-November 1
"Worship to End Abortion: 40 Days of Prayer"
Facebook Live in the MybodyMyworship Group—Answering the group questions is required before joining the group.

2020, July 31
virtual: Reimagine Education Conference
"Your Brain on Sex: The Missing Sex Ed Lesson"
Neuroscience, medical, and psychological research show that our children risk not only STIs/STDs when they hook up but also depression, addiction, and the inability to bond with their spouse once married. Today’s sex education must be more than biology and contraceptives. Join this PG presentation to learn the science that supports your counter-culture values.

2020, March 14
Berryville, VA: Overcomer Retreat by Revealed Ministries
"From Leper to Overcomer: Reaching Post-Abortive Women"

2020, January 19-21
Facebook Live in the group All About "That" FLE Topic

  • "Why God Created Sex" Sunday, January 19
  • "Your Brain on Sex" Monday, January 20
  • "The Spiritual Attack on Identity & Reproduction" Tuesday, January 21

2020, January 3-February 11
Facebook Live in the MybodyMyworship Group
"Worship to End Abortion: 40 Days of Prayer"

2019, October 25
Columbus, OH: Igniting Souls Author Academy Awards Finalist Speech
"Abortion Hurts Women"

2019, October 24
Columbus, OH: Barnes & Noble Book Signing

2019, July 30
Facebook Live event
"Sex: How NeuroScience Mirrors God's Design" 

2019, May 30 & 31
Vienna, VA: Reimagine Education Conference
"Hooking Up: The Sex Education We Never Got" 

2019, April 12
Sterling, VA: Book release party
"How to Talk to the Abortion-Minded" and book release for ReTested: The Story of a Post-Abortive Woman Called to Change the Conversation.

2018, Oct 13
Ashburn, VA: Love Harder Marriage Conference
Panelist: Answered women's questions about marriage through the lens of a post-abortive woman.

2018, Jan 2-3
Kigumba, Uganda
Presented to pastors and ministry leaders

2017, Dec 30
Katwe, Uganda: Saints Gate Church
Presented to pastors and ministry leaders

2017, Sept 30
Vienna, VA
Presented to Women's Ministry

2017, June 23-25 
Katwe, Uganda: Saints Gate Church
Presented to teens on Friday, a Pastors' Wives Conference on Saturday, and Young Adults Sunday School

2017, May 5
Lansdowne, VA
Presented to Women's Daytime Bible Study

Minneapolis, MN
Gave my testimony during church service

2005, December
Bloomington, MN
Presented to Women's Christmas Tea

2002, May
Brainerd, MN
Gave my testimony at the Couples' Conference