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Worship to End Abortion!

Overturning Roe is but a milestone; making abortion unthinkable is the goal. Let's pray for the end, the worldwide end of abortion.

The end starts with us, The Church. The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective (James 5:16), so let's pray for our righteousness then pray powerfully and effectively for the end of abortion.

Worship to End Abortion is your guide to pray differently, love differently, share differently for life.

Abortion is spiritual warfare!
And Satan is getting more bold. 
But God can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine through the power that works within us. 

God wants us close to Him so that He can work powerfully through us. Our power flows from worshiping Him with our wholly righteous, holy bodies! Say it with me:

"It's my body, and I choose to worship the Lord with my whole body.
My body. My worship!"

In this guide, Cheryl shares Bible stories, their applications to the abortion conversation, and worshipful prayers to lead you to become closer to God and to ask God in boldness and righteousness to make abortion unthinkable here and around the world.

Paperback available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

With your guide, worship and pray with others in private groups on Facebook or MeWe.

Alternatively, sign up for the Pro-Life Challenge.

If you're Christian and pro-life, this is your prayer guide.

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What Others Say about
Worship to End Abortion:
Your Prayer Guide

“This devotional speaks directly from the heart of our Heavenly Papa. I love how it brings about a purposeful focus in strategic prayer to end abortion.”

~Jennifer Milbourn, Vacuum Aspiration Abortion Survivor, Abortion Survivors Network

"I love Cheryl's kindness and heart behind this book. What a great guide to help our hearts stay on track to be bold in our prayers to end abortion but also love others well.”

~Serena Dyksen, Founder and Author of She Found His Grace

“A fresh approach to changing abortion law forever." 

~Faye Bryant, Author of Coffee, Bible, Journal

"Cheryl is your seasoned tour guide on a journey of engaging the Lord in worship to bring about the end of what nearly was the end of her."

~Briana Nei, Founder of Revealed Ministries for Women and Author of Revealed in Ephesians

It's time for us to

humble ourselves  •  turn from the world's ways  •  seek the Lord's face

together in worship

for the end of abortion!

Cheryl Krichbaum is the award-winning author of ReTested: The Story of a Post-Abortive Woman Called to Change the Conversation and The Missing Sex Ed Lessons online courses. As a post-abortive woman herself, she has a unique perspective on those who call themselves pro-choicebecause she used to be one of them! Through her writing and speaking, Cheryl equips Christians to compassionately share the truth in agape love about the sanctity of life and the sanctity of sex.